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Afternoon Blend in a Caddy

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Indulge in the delightful experience of our Afternoon Blend of tea, carefully curated to uplift your senses during the tranquil hours of the day. Housed in a tactile tin with an inner lid, our tea ensures that every brew maintains its original freshness and exquisite taste.

Our Afternoon Blend features a harmonious combination of select black teas, delicately balanced to deliver a refined and aromatic infusion. With a medium body and a hint of floral notes, this tea is designed to be savored during those serene afternoon moments.

The tactile tin provides a pleasing sensory experience, and its inner lid serves as a safeguard, preserving the tea's flavor and aroma. This thoughtful packaging ensures that each cup of tea is as delightful as the first, allowing you to relish the essence of our Afternoon Blend with every sip.

Whether enjoyed during a tranquil afternoon tea break or as a respite from the day's activities, our Afternoon Blend in its tactile tin promises a moment of pure bliss, capturing the essence of relaxation and refinement in every cup.