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Collection of Black Tea

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Introducing the Tactile Tea Collection - a set of three exquisite tins of tea, each offering a unique sensory experience. Nestled within a custom printed presentation box, this collection showcases the finest teas from around the world. Let's explore the delightful characteristics of each tea tin:

1. Assam Tea:
Gently open the first tin to reveal the rich aroma of Assam tea. Grown in the lush valleys of northeastern India, this tea is renowned for its strong and malty flavor, making it a favorite for breakfast or afternoon indulgence. As you run your fingers across the tin's surface, you'll feel a velvety texture that enhances the tactile experience. The tin's design features intricate patterns inspired by the Assam region's natural beauty, including rolling hills and tea gardens.

2. Organic Chinese Black Tea:
The second tin in this collection offers a sensory journey to China, the birthplace of tea. Inside, you'll discover the finest organic Chinese black tea, carefully hand-selected and expertly crafted. This tea exudes a delightful aroma with hints of earthiness and subtle floral notes. The tin's surface is adorned with a textured finish, reminiscent of traditional Chinese motifs, such as delicate bamboo shoots and graceful water lilies. As you hold the tin, you'll appreciate its smooth and cool touch, adding to the overall tactile pleasure.

3. Ceylon Tea:
Immerse yourself in the vibrant flavors and aromas of Ceylon tea, found in the third tin of this collection. Sourced from the picturesque tea estates of Sri Lanka, Ceylon tea captivates with its bright and citrusy notes. The tin's design showcases the lush landscapes of Sri Lanka, featuring palm-fringed beaches and rolling tea plantations. Its surface has a slightly rough texture, reminiscent of tea leaves, offering a tactile reminder of the tea's origin.

The Custom Printed Presentation Box:
All three tins are elegantly presented in a custom printed presentation box. The box design reflects the artistry and sophistication of the teas within, capturing the essence of tea culture. It showcases intricate patterns and vibrant colors, harmonizing with the individual tin designs. The box's exterior has a soft-touch finish, inviting you to run your fingers along its surface. Upon opening the box, you'll be greeted with a delightful arrangement, where each tin is nestled safely in lots of colored tissue paper.

The Tactile Tea Collection is a sensory delight, combining the finest teas with a visually and tactilely appealing presentation. It invites you to embark on a journey of exploration and indulgence, savoring the unique flavors and textures of Assam, organic Chinese black tea, and Ceylon tea.