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Keemun Loose Leaf Tea in Pouch

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Keemun tea is a black tea that originates from the Qimen County in the Anhui province of China. It is known for its distinctive flavor and aroma, which often includes a complex combination of fruity, floral, and sometimes smoky notes. Keemun tea is often described as having a wine-like or malty taste with a characteristic orchid fragrance.

The tea leaves used to produce Keemun tea are typically small and tightly twisted, and they brew into a bright reddish liquor with a smooth and mellow taste. The tea's flavor is often described as less astringent than other black teas, making it appealing to many tea enthusiasts.

Keemun tea is often used as a standalone beverage or as a base for popular tea blends, such as English Breakfast tea. It is also highly regarded by connoisseurs for its ability to age well, with some varieties gaining complexity and depth of flavor over time.

Overall, Keemun tea is appreciated for its unique and nuanced flavor profile, making it a favorite among black tea enthusiasts around the world.