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Small Retro Style Infuser Teapot

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Equipped with a flip-top stainless steel diffuser, this teapot offers convenience and ease of use. The flip-top lid opens effortlessly with a simple flip, revealing a stainless steel diffuser inside. This innovative design allows for convenient brewing of loose-leaf teas. The diffuser securely holds the tea leaves, ensuring a clean infusion without any loose debris finding their way into your cup.

The stainless steel diffuser is not only functional but also adds a modern element to the teapot's overall retro style. It complements the plain white ceramic beautifully, creating a striking contrast that enhances the teapot's visual appeal.

Completing the teapot is a matching stainless steel lid that fits securely over the top, helping to retain heat and preserve the flavors and aromas of your brewed tea. The lid features a comfortable handle, allowing for easy removal when it's time to pour your tea into cups or mugs.